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David H. Rawles David is an executive coach, author, speaker, as well as a radio talk show host, a career transition coach, and ministry leader. He is the founder and president of CAREERSOLUTIONS in DFW, Texas. David graduated from California State University at Long Beach with a BS Degree in Human Resources. He received his Master's Degree in Management from Lake Forest University in Lake Forest, Illinois.

His early business training took place at Disneyland and Walt Disney World where David learned the importance of integrity, continuous improvement, purposeful work, effective communication and how entertain a little. This learning and a strong desire to succeed would lead David to a career he loved.

For 26 Years he was employed by GTE Directories Corporation. He was an executive during the second half of his tenure there. As Vice President Human Resources, David was the senior sponsor for self-managed work teams in the corporation and one of the executive sponsors who helped lead the corporation to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

As a member of the Executive Board, David helped lead the corporation to one billion in revenue, achieve and grow an international footprint on four continents, and established a precedent for unparalleled gains in productivity during the 1990's. He retired from GTE to pursue his current dream of helping others lead successful and significant careers.

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What Others Have Said …

Jonathan Wilson, CISSP
Retired Colonel, USAF

During our résumé consultation sessions, Dave listened to my concerns as a recently separated veteran trying to translate my experience into language the private sector understands. Our sessions were packed with info. I HIGHLY recommend Dave to anyone seeking to enhance their résumé impact! -July 24, 2015

Sam Wilson
Insurance Executive

Dave is real, in a world full of pretenders. He cares about you as an individual, what you're going through while seeking a career change, and about your success in that goal. His teaching is simple to apply, and the results speak for themselves … his advice is on target. -February 21, 2011

Teresa Nelson, BBA
Business Owner
I have worked with Dave for several years and have seen first-hand the dedication and knowledge Dave offers his clients. His compassion and experience he shares is invaluable to all who participate. -March 29, 2010

Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA
Corp Executive & Executive Coach

Dave is the brightest mind in applying all the expertise he gained during his tenure as an executive Human Resources Vice President. I now refer anyone I can to help them with résumés and any aspect of the employment journey. He is a real star. -February 20, 2009